I'm having a houseparty in Nijmegen on Saturday if anyone's interested

I’ll sort the snacks and the tunes, you bring whatever you want to drink. You can stay over if you like.
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  • See you there!
  • Can’t make it sorry bud
  • Can’t make it
  • See you there!!
  • Other

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What time are doors?

20:00 (CET)


Graag Gedaan

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Bless you

Alright Jim Morrison

Can I have some entrance music when I arrive?


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Would you like this music to be music of your choice, or would you like me to choose for you?

I’d quite Jesus He Knows Me please

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Just DM me when you’re at the door, and I’ll make it so big people will be talking about it for months afterwards

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Can I DJ?

Bring laser fingers

Any help with the travel expenses?

Laser fingers: the futuristic cousin of Salad Fingers.

Only if you have laserfingers

I can meet you at Nutmegen train station and help you with your bag(s)


Would you believe that he just bought himself one of these?


I’ll be in Belgium then