I'm hungry, lets talk lunch



What’ve you got in your lunchbox today? I’ve got a reduced M&S ham and coleslaw sandwich in the work fridge ready to go. Need a few accoutrements so thinking maybe a satsuma, a bag of salt and vinegar chipsticks and one of those gluten free salted caramel hazelnut millionaire bars from M&S.


yesterday’s shepherds pie to microwave


Wraps: quorn fajita strips; avocado; cherry tomatoes; rocket; hummus.
Greek honey yogurt


Made a big load of cous cous salad. Got started and could not stop adding things to it.

From memory it’s got : -

cous cous
toasted cumin seeds
lemon juice
olive oil
dried cranberries
balsamic vinegar
toasted pine nuts
sunflower sees
chilli flakes
spring onion
red peppers
… ?


that sounds quite good


Wfh, so going to whip me up some soup and a couple of hot, buttered crumpets, I reckon.


3 x mini snack sausage roll things
1 x chili beef patty
1 x bag of hula hoops (ready salted - meh)
1 x twirl


Ham sandwich (eaten)
Cereal bar (eaten)


I nicked a bunch of sandwiches from the hen do I went to at the weekend (classy). I scoffed the majority of them whilst drunk last night but there’s one left! It’s a salmon wrap, I’ll probably have a coffee with it. That is all.


Whenever there’s a lunch thread I’ve always got the most boring stuff in with me!

2x rolls, a yogurt, crisps.

Last week was great, had leftover lasagna, some tandoori chicken, but no, couldn’t have started a lunch thread then.


Two-day-old salmon wrap? #carryoutapaganritualforwitches :stuck_out_tongue:


But what’s on those rolls?


I had one of these last week and was bitterly disappointed. I think it was the slightly off gluten free consistency (hadn’t realised it was gluten free).

Today I’ve got a ham, lettuce and philadelphia sandwich on wholemeal. Not exciting, but I have got a new book to start, so I’ve been looking forward to lunch since last night.


Haha, I knew someone would bring that up. IT’LL BE FINE. I have a stomach of steel. And I will inspect it thoroughly with my nose and eyes before it ventures anywhere near my gob.

I had the worst flat mate in the world in my final year at uni. He was a drunken cunt and would regularly accidentally walk into my room at night and/or piss all over the staircase. When it came to our degree show I invited a bunch of friends from back home and Edinburgh to come stay. He decided to eat a half a can of tuna he’d left in the fridge for a WEEK and predictably got very, incredibly ill from it resulting in him spending the majority of the evening hogging and stinking up the bathroom, missing his own degree show, sigh. Sorry… bad story for the lunch thread (and in general I suppose). Anyway, point is, I’m not him :slight_smile:


BLT Sub,
Braemar Apple
Salt & Vinegar Walkers Baked Crisps

All just consumed. Satisfied.


I quite enjoy the less crumbly texture of a standard millionaire bar. If I’m honest, they should be their own thing and not lumped in with the biscuity caramel millionaire family.


Again, not something for the lunchtime thread but I’ve never got this as a “thing”. I’ve been horribly drunk in my time but I think there’s something instinctive that makes me able to locate an appropriate place to go for a wee! Maybe it’s something for a new, non-food-related thread


Yeah… sorry. Haha.

The wrap was fine! I devoured it. If I suddenly go quiet at some point just presume it’s all gone horribly wrong.


Bit chilly out and didn’t bring lunch in so just went to the cob van for a cheese salad cob


Some turkey and a bit of salad. Not exactly a delicious hog roast is it?