I'm in a good position

I’m going to the gym later. I’ve booked an appointment for the gym but there wasn’t one available for swimming. However I’m going to ask when I’ve done at the gym whether there is any space at the pool, and my gym shorts work as swimming shorts so if there is I’m in a good position.


What would make this an excellent position?

Being allowed to do a workout in the gym in your speedoes

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You being in the pool


You just want to throw me all over the place with your wrestling skills, don’t you?

Good idea, please make sure you shower before getting in the pool with your sweaty shorts on though (either shower with the shorts on, or naked but also wash the shorts in the shower, up to you really)

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Nay-ked, Nay-ked, Nay-ked!!!

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You have to shower before getting in the pool anyway (though I would either way)

Will you be doing this?

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This is why swimming pools are really gross when you think about all the stuff people are doing, aren’t they?
I like swimming and am good but hate the grossness of pools so have retired

Wait until you start thinking about sea swimming!

How do you mean?

Thought this was going to be the filth thread.

This is now the filth thread

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I only bloody got a swim in at 19:15 last night didn’t I?!

:smiley: what a weird video

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Only off to the pool again tonight aren’t i!

The soundtrack made it for me

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my favourite thing was how the thumbnail makes it look so cool and badass, and then the video it looks like the easiest thing in the world and is shot so crappily