I'm in Lewes, Sussex next week - recommendations please?

Good places for takeaway food/coffee?

Best Indian restaurant/takeaway?

I’ll be going to Brighton for the day also - I know Brighton fairly well but am all ears still if there’s anything tucked away. I tend to stay mainly east but had thought of heading out into Hove.

Also plan to make a trip to the Longman Brewery Shop in Litlington if poss.

All recommendations welcome.

No idea about a decent indian but there’s a decent pizza place in town called Rustico, or else the Snowdrop Inn has good outdoor seating, great beer and pizza.

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Think the Snowdrop is closed at the moment unfortunately.

I moved to Lewes from Hove a few months ago, so i can help you with both.

Actually, we haven’t had any takeaways or coffees or been to any restaurants since we moved here, but anyway.

If it’s nice weather go to Southover Grange Gardens and get an ice cream from the little hatch in the wall, that’s a good thing to do. If you like beer go to Beak brewery, they make very good beer, think you can book a seat outside at the weekend.

Ground Coffee always seems to have a queue and looks pretty decent, plus it’s opposite Union record shop for all your vinyl needs.

Pells pool is about to reopen if you fancy braving the cold for an open air swim.

If I was still living in Hove I’d be going straight to Fatto a Mano for pizza (they have a few branches all over town)

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Thanks for this, v helpful.

Last time I was in Lewes was Dec '18 briefly to see British Sea Power do a Christmas show @ Con Club. I remember seeking some quirky shops etc so hope they’ve survived.

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Don’t worry, it’s not changed.

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Lewes mafia!!! :grinning:

I can’t remember what the good Indian place is called, sorry!

I like the Thai tho - palin Thai on station street is yummy and the staff are nice

Flint owl and Ground are my go to coffee places

Bun and bean is good for a veggie burger and they do good beers as well

Beak brewery is good but you have to book and they might not be open when you are here, also a little far out of town maybe

The depot has got a really big outdoor space so that might be good if you are nervous about COVID

Caccia and Tails on station street does great takeaway Italian pasta stuff and also amazing donuts!!!

Might do some more in a bit


The Pelham Arms is a fantastic pub - good beer and amazing burgers (veggie and otherwise).


Well this isn’t creepy at all

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I went to Beak brewery a few weekends ago, it was wonderful. The Depot is great too.

That’s all I have to offer!

Yeah that one! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

My home town!

I’d second the Palin Thai on Station Street, and for my money the best curry is from Spice Merchant.

My favourite pubs are the Snowdrop, the Lewes Arms and the Swan, and for coffee and food to takeaway the Flint Owl Bakery on School Hill is really nice.

Grange Gardens will be beautiful this time of year, and if you walk all the way up Chapel Hill you have great views over the town and surroundings, and you can see as far as the sea and Brighton.

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The swan also has a really good outdoor area

Probs my fave pub
(Also really like lewes arms and snowdrop)

I meant to ask also if you can recommend where’s good /safe, nice & open for running as I’m hoping to do early morning runs whilst it’s quiet. Is there a running shop in Lewes? I know Brighton has a few good’uns

I’m not a runner, so this might be nonsense, but Juggs Road seems popular with runners, it’s the old track to Brighton, it’s pretty hilly. It’s great walking at least. You could also run along the river out to Hamsey/Offham and back, that’s a well-worn track. Or round the Railway Land nature reserve maybe… No idea about running shops, sorry!

Oh no worries, thanks for all the reco’s. Looking forward to seeing more of Lewes as I’ve only ever seen fleetingly before does look v nice from what I’ve seen.

No specific run shop here (I don’t think)

What end of town will you be for the runs?

And how far are you going?

Brighton Festival is going ahead this year, albeit with a rather reduced programme. Worth a look though

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