I'm in Lewes, Sussex next week - recommendations please?

So what’s the top coffee tip now? Thanks for the walk tip as well, I’ll investigate that and the one suggested by @weeber . Thanks to both of you

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Caccia and Tails for coffee IMO, I’m not a full on coffee wanker but the food there is the best snacking to be had in town, filled focaccias, fancy doughnuts, the blondies are unreal…


Thanks, had just been reading about that this second! Will visit for sure! Sounds v good

Charleston is opening a new venue in Lewes next week, will be worth a visit

Charleston — Bring No Clothes: Bloomsbury and Fashion

I’ve got about a million regular 2-3 hour walks, will try to dig some out later.

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Yeah!!! The donuts are amazing!

I like ground for coffee as well


Oh also …… check any opening times on Sundays if you are here on a weekend as we are a bit old school about things like that!


Ha! So just found out that the Lewes arms is doing Dwyle Flunking on the 30 of sept. So it you are here then, you have to go to that! It’s amazing!

Here’s some footage from a couple of years ago



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Ah shame, we’re there weekend of 15th.

@chris-budget @badcustard @weeber
Thank you all for the advice, had a great weekend. Ate at the Depot meeting friend on Friday, coffee from Caccia and Tails on Sat, into Hove for a party on Sat lunch, quick cocktail in Plotting Parlour after, pizza from Fuoco after train back to Lewes. Sunday Breakfast in trading post, walked up the cliffs and around the top, pint in Lewes arms, Vege Sunday roast in the snowdrop, pint in abyss tap room. Excellent weekend. One more breakfast trip tomorrow then home. Maybe I saw some Lewes DiS folk in the pubs, who knows!


Amazing, sounds like a hell of a weekend, I’m jealous!

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Glad you had fun! I think that’s a pretty good overview of the place! How was the pizza at fuaco? Haven’t been there yet

See you for bonfire :fire:

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The pizza was good actually, nice sour dough base type thing. Enjoyed very much. Wanted to have coffee/breakfast at Pharmacie but didn’t make it.

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