I'm in St Albans tomorrow daytime - where is nice/interesting to go? Pubs, shops, cafes, parks etc

I’ve never been before so all recommendations welcome. Ta

Excursion to Stevenage.

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St Albans, birthplace of Enter Shikari and Paul from S Club 7

I used to know someone called ‘scagz’ from St Albans. Maybe see if he’s about.

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Had lunch and ales at this place last week. They specialise in locally foraged food.

Not far from the cathedral.


That massive park. It’s massive.

Aren’t there loads of curry houses in St Albans or have I literally dreamed this and stuck it in my head as a fact?

Scads of pubs in that bottom bit, over to the left. All seemed to be good too (I’ve been once and had a great summer time, in those pubs).

Verulamium Park - around the Abbey and down the hill - huge, massive pond with loads of ducks, swans, moorhens etc.

Some lovely little shops and boutiques, most of the pubs and eateries are decent as well.

Would strongly recommend the Waffle House/

Pronounced Snawlbuns, to save you any embarrassment

I’m going to be in St Albans tomorrow too. See you there!

Cathedral is nice. Odyssey cinema is magnificent.