I'm just like any other one of you guys, I put my pants on one leg at a time

and then my trousers on one leg at a time, then my socks on one foot at a time, then my t-shirt on one arm at a time followed by one head at a time, then I probably have a wee, brush my teeth, get some breakfast and crack on with my day


might try putting both my socks on simultaneously tomorrow

Tshirt is arm head arm or head arm arm.
Nobody does arm arm head


Pants dont have legs. Unless you mean american pants? In which case you appear to be wearing two pairs of pants.

I do arm arm head


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What would you call the non-waist holes in a pair of pants, Warny?

And more pertinently what are you putting through them?

Head arm arm. I like doing that thing where the t shirt is inside out and you put it over your head upside down and pull it down so it goes the right way round.

Holes 2 and 3

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His pants (which he puts on leg, leg and then pull up) are on fire

not a thing

What an unusual person!

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@anon5266188 will know it’s a thing because of Broti Gupta.

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Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

Feels reductive to me to dress THEN get on with ablutions. Just do it in the nip, possibly get the kettle on too, then worry about clothing.

You feel reductive to me

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:warning: HAVE WEE >> BRUSH TEETH >> CRACK ON :warning:

You sound like a very stylish human being

Pants and socks before trousers. And t-shirt before that.