I'm leaving for a bit

Take care of yourselves x


Look after yourself bam. Hope all’s ok


Take care of yourself Bam, hopefully we’ll see you back again soon.

Hey, you take care of yourself too, pal. Hope to see you back here soon.

You too! x

Take care pal. Always available if you need an ear. X

Take care mate x

Have a gooden, pal!

hope you’re ok mate

April fool’s!

I hope so!

I’m a bit drunk so I’m breaking a personal rule here and as a result I’m going to keep this short.

I like talking to you lot because you’re interesting and it helps me pass my day.

More than any site I know (and it’s been a long time) people on here take breaks.

I don’t really understand why.

I miss everyone that takes a break and I always hope they’ll come back because the diversity is what makes it a community.

@Bamnan I hope you’re OK and I really hope you come back to chat soon.


Good health, big lad, look after yourself.

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Take care pal, you’ll be missed!

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