I'm like a bird

She’s like the wind

What are you like?

We wish you would fly away

I’m like, … whatever…

“I’m like whaaaaaaaat?”

That’s Nelly Furtado lyrics needed work yadayadayada

y’know that bit in buffalo stance where she goes “what is he loike?? what’s he loike anyway?

got that bit stuck in my head

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The bird is the word.

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They call _me_the space cowboy

They don’t all you Mr Boombastic then?


don’t be ridiculous

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Have we discussed how brilliant Loose, Nelly Furtado’s 2006 album is?

It is well good.

I’m like that. And that’s the way that I am.

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Say It Right is a fucking amazing song Witches, it really is.

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As are Promiscuous, Maneater, and Alll Good Things Come to an End.