I'm like a bird


Nelly Furtado was. Are you?


I think I’m very far away from being described as birdlike


what is nelly doing with herself these days?


VP for sales at Trill




I reckon you have pretty thin legs


glad she grounded herself and got a proper job


I’m like a golden eagle, soaring majestically from one administrative task to another.


This some kind of fucking sick joke? It’s long-established that I have fantastic legs and enormous calves you snide little bastard. Don’t care if it is your birthday, this shit has got to stop.


Vocals for Blood Orange.


I’ve always thought of you as more of a… turkey.


This is very hurtful.


Quite majestic, the turkey

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i’ve got a bird book


Looks like a proper bird someone put together wrong. With a shit head.


it’s true that i dont know where my soul is


Brexit peacock.


lol cock


This reminds me I dreamt that me and some people saw a peacock outside but the fucker refused to spread out its colourful tailfeathers or whatever the fuck it is so it was just really boring and disappointing. DREAMS


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