"I'm like a skittle. If I get knocked down I get back up again."


What nonsense have you said/heard recently?


That’s more like Chumbawamba


That’s more a weeble




…through mechanical assistance


Maybe his house has got a big metal claw that comes down from the ceiling and pops him up the right way again.


I’ve never seen him attack Madeley before.


He’s a popstar. I wouldn’t put it past him.


You ain’t never gonna keep me down! (because an automated mechanism will pick me back up)


You’re thinking of pins, as it ten pin bowling. Skittles are usually picked up by a person and placed back in position (although I’m sure someone will point out that there are mechanical skittle alleys). God I bore myself sometimes.


I’d put nothing past Stevens, if you know what I mean.


I’m with you here, l_k. Well done for pointing out what most of us were thinking but didn’t dare say.


in a meeting: “yes, but you can’t get the bottom floor without getting the top floor on board too”

That’s hardly the worst case of something you hear in meetings and I know this is well moker saying this, but honestly anytime I hear something like that, I can’t believe I’m in hearing it, it really gets me down.


I don’t know, his house is pretty old


I guess he should be called Unshaken Stevens


i’ve found these sorts of phrases have been seeping into my vocabulary due to constant exposure. i end up saying them and instantly think less of myself. really not good.