I'm listening to an album for the first time in about 20 years...

This is killing the time quite nicely though so mission accomplished.

I’m waiting in a gift shop for Mrs Aksac and it’s killing time for me too

Sadly I was not able to proceed quickly through the gift shop


Brand New - Your Favourite Weapon

Just been to the aquarium do you wanna know my favourite bit?

Oooh edgy!!!

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Of course I do. Was it the fishies?

It was the sea otters!

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That is SO you.

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Michael Jackson

is it is this it

A lot of bad dudes put out records in October 2001 it seems.


No because I listen to that about once a week on average. Also that was released in July I think.


Read the thread schmucko.

Is that a Bsides compilation or wha?


The Libertines.

Google says it’s Your New Favourite Band

I don’t think I’ve listened to it in a while myself. Might change that.

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The Photo Album by Death Cab