I'm making a quiz for our work xmas thing

do you have any good ideas for rounds?

especially anything relating to music?

I’d quite like to do a round that show cases under represented groups, so I’m thinking of doing a sports round that’s only about women in sport

demographic of people taking part is 40 and under, mostly 30 and under and more women than men

Backwards music is usually a good one, you could do some backwards Christmas songs.


Or steal Sara Cox’s slow-to-fast quiz from her Radio 2 show, that’s fun

Fast-track, that’s what it’s called!

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Xmas songs translated into emoji?


I’ve done a round like this before - @iamwiggy I can try and dig it out if you want

I’ve been polishing up a sort of song trivia round. Like based around repeating motifs in a song’s lyrics

The things Alanis is doing with her other hand
The things that don’t impress Shania twain
The thing meatloaf won’t do for love



yes please!

plenty of room for work jokes here

Shania is famously not impressed with the results of your latest campaign

oh no sorry I meant Brad Pitt

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The things that don’t impress Shania twain

You don’t work with a bunch of rocket scientists, do you?

Or car owners

If you do famous Xmas number 2’s you can do a lot of lavatory humour, if things start slowing down.

Ikea furniture or Europa League team

Most of Richard Osman’s House of Games can be nicked and rebadged I reckon :slight_smile:


for some reason it’s a nightmare getting anyone who’s never seen it to understand Answer Smash

Jazz legend or salad dressing?

Aye, I find them easy (if I know the two answers!) but many people on the TV show seem to be incapable of joining them up. Always thought it a bit weird that they end with that round each day as there’s usually only one player of the four who is ace at it.

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i find it fairly easy because knowing one part of the question makes it easy enough to guess the other part, or confirms that your half guess is correct

always weird when it’s Friday and contestants are still fucking it

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My old work did a couple of quizzes, here’s what I can remember

Song intros
Song intros but you’ve got to name the food item mentioned in the title
Picture round - computer programmer or serial killer?
Watch a video clip eg a xmas ad and then answer questions about it

Because of the type of business there were a few food identification rounds (one almost causing a riot over whether the answer needed to specify white sesame or just sesame)

It’s not music related, but the best quiz round I took part in over the pandemic was 10 questions about Alison Hammond.

Famous Firsts is a good one

“who was the first person to…” - people, out of bias, usually guess men but there’s tons of stuff that women were the first to do, both within and without music