I'm making the Tuesday night thread so you don't have to

Alright DiS!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely day. I saw some seals today:


That is a large quantity of seals



I just made and eaten an absolutely top notch carbonara, (best I’ve ever tasted) whilst listening to Angel Dust.

Getting stuck into The White Lotus now

Gonna (hopefully) sleep reeeaaal good tonight


Excellent seal content.

Tried to do a Kiss From a Rose pun in response to the photo but I’m too tired.

Really fancy some cheesecake. Why isn’t there a cheesecake vending machine in my flat?


Also had this after 4pm, which means dinner isn’t on the cards any time soon

Sorry @Funkhouser - it was jam then cream, but being in Truro I might get lynched if I do it the other way around


Went to Bristol, saw the moon

Read a lot of my book. That’s about it.


There’s a guy round my way who seems to spend his days haunting the pubs of stoke newington. Long straggly greying hair, wears mostly black. Looks completely grizzled like an out of work writer. I think he might be future me :thinking:

Incidentally, off out for a few jars. l8rs. :wave:


Is that the one that lights up after dark? It was suspended over the duck pond in Queens Park for Brighton festival a couple of years ago. It was very popular, which kind of ruined the magic that could have been

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I went to go see this in Brighton a couple of years back - only I messed up and it had been packed away that day

Wandered around the park it was supposed to be in looking for it for far too long :roll_eyes:


Yep. £2 to see it in the dark though, free in the day.

Oh and yeah, loads of kids running about and ruining any magical element

Unless you count the cafe and lunch and bookshop buys

Looks nice but you know I can’t like this post.

I understand. I took the photo before applying layers so as to minimise any offence caused

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so i just had chicken kiev for the first time in probably about 15 years on top of buttery mash potatoes. fuck me i forgot how tasty that was, might just have it every night now. :laughing:


This thread gets my seal of approval.


Aaaaanyway. All is fine here - currently listening to the Laura Veirs LP that I got in that ridiculous 2 for £20 sale. (It’s very lovely)

Still no cheesecake here.

Wonder if I can make one with…feta cheese, and in the next 3 minutes.

Seems unlikely.

I’m extremely hot and naked

Fight Milk t-shirt arrived :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Great hair! How can I get mine like that?

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It’s very frizzy today but thank you :blush: The greys are growing in straight which is weird so eventually I guess I’ll lose the curls :sob:

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