I'm making the Tuesday night thread so you don't have to

yes mate! the fit looks good, i’m glad our chat about how big my tits are was helpful :grinning:


Love a bit of grey hair though!

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This is the most emo I’ve ever looked


Nice day at the beach :sunglasses: :beers:



Wow, where are you?

Kiddlepops said I could swap it if they couldn’t be contained by the size I went for, but let’s face it, I’ve never sent clothes back in my life from pure laziness so lucky it fits.

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good old kiddlepops


Wanted to make a funny Bergman pun to the OP but the The Seventh Seal is hardly a barrel of laughs

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In other news, I just finished a pad thai with chicken. Gonna have a cup of tea and a shortbread biscuit and hope I don’t get any side effects from today’s PfizerII

wasn’t there some comedy relief with a jester troupe or am I thinking of a different movie?

It was a spaghetti squash not a marrow fyi.

Always feels kind of a relief when used all the veg from the veg boz.

Here’s a Facebook ad I didn’t expect!

Is it because it was Brighton naked bike ride last weekend? I wasn’t even in the area!


Remember Seal Cub Clubbing Club

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Beat way to de-bright new white trainers?

And dont say get them slightly mucky.

Wear them to a gig?

Anti anti social club

get an old duster and rub it over them for 5 minutes

Sure, there’s loads of little comic relief asides and bawdy songs and that, but they’re really just timed to enhance the absolutely crushing despair

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Went to the site of the Beautiful Days festival today. Saw 2 Bears scrapping and had a bottle of sprite.