I'm making you some toast

I think I need to try again with Marmite.

Try what again?

Hagelslag, obviously

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To eat it.

Oh right, yeah, try eating it

Stop kidding yourselves, no one likes marmite.



hang on is lurpak not butter? is this some other elmlea bullshit??

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Can I go rogue and have loads of peanut butter, but without any butter underneath?

(it’s buttery enough, but also without the butter layer, the peanut butter sticks to the bread better)

I think marmite’s one of those marmite things.



Lurpak spreadable has rapeseed oil added to make it spreadable.

Could you put some food prep gloves on please and a hat?

Absolutely not.

Best toast, no exceptions:

Take the two ‘outsiders’ from a thick cut warbutons toastie loaf (orange packet). Medium toasted, slathered in salted Anchor butter (the real stuff).

Your really can’t get better toast than that.

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aye but it’s still butter

I’ll be fine with a cup of tea then, thanks.


Never had you down as kinky

and water. Why do people even bother?

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