I'm moving quite a lot of shite to The Classifieds of late


“Looking for a band member? Or a room mate? Have a guitar for sale? Need to offload your extra gig ticket because your friend has let you down at the 11th hour? Putting on an event you want people to know about? Want to plug your latest stream or app or blog post? This is the place to do it.”

New users, beware.



i can’t believe you’re making us scroll all the way down to find the dopest, newest and freshest new artists!


They’ve definitely been in good supply !!


I’ve signed this off, lads, so not to worry.


I think the gig tickets might be worth music-boarding just for urgency’s sake, the rest just delete immediately I reckon :+1:


Agree with this. If they go in the classifieds they won’t get noticed


Yeah I have nothing against gig tickets going on the music board (I didn’t write the blurb in the OP)