I'm moving to Glasgow


All the cycling clubs based there I have seen online have really crap, cheap looking kits. Having a good looking kit is a key determinant of who I join (even if i’m too fat to do the kit justice). Does anybody know of any cycling clubs up that way which might meet this criteria? Doesn’t necessarily need to be central Glasgow - somewhere in the surrounding area is also fine.


Have you not seen @japes’ / @TheWza’s cycling club jersey? FIT.


can’t believe mr 55k has been priced out of london and is moving to glasgow like everyone who only earns 30k


Don’t listen to @Smee’s opinions on the use of the word “cunt”.


Pretty sure it’s these lads:

You’ll have to trust me that the kit is A++++


Why don’t you just cycle in your own clothes?


Poor Glasgow!


PLEASE go to Edinburgh instead.


falkirk has a pretty good kit


Oh wow! That’s cool.

Don’t know about bike clubs tho soz.


WCV kit

there’s LOADS of cycling clubs up here. you’ll love it.


Lovely town as well.


What is that a relief map of on the front?


Cant believe he’s been laughed out of london cycling clubs and can only compete with people who eat deep fried heroin sandwiches so he can feel like a big man


argh easily one of the nicest kits

poor Penge :frowning:

We have buffs on the way though


a contour map, aye.


I like the penge one!

there are FAR worse out there


But what is it of?



Penge kit is great! Looks like a pack of Indian cigarettes.