I'm not long for this world

I’m 5ft 9. That’s the average length of a man.


A stunning return to form. Knew you had it in you x


Just goggled ‘length of a man’

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what’s the average depth?



seems like an appropriate typo in the circumstances.

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I am long for this world.

Your arm span is your hight! What a world!

Not mine, got a -2 ape index.

5’9" high, 5’7" span

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my armspan feels shorter

I am 5ft 2.
Clothes are all designed for tall n slim people :sob:

Not mens, I always struggle to find trousers slim enough :frowning:

I’m big where it matters: in height, 6’2"

Also my arms are pretty long and gangly.

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I’m 6 foot but feel relatively short.

Then again my apartment block is 2/3rds occupied by players from the local basketball team.

if I had to guess how tall you are I’d have said 5’7’

I’m 6’1’ if I don’t slouch

about 5’10’ because I do

it’s comforting to know that no matter what, jordan will never stop

i thought i was 5’8" for ages but registered with a new GP and they told me i am a handsome and noble 5’9"