I'm not particularly bothered about the new Twin Peaks shit



what about you?

reckon the original one is terribly, terribly overrated. it’s not too bad. no better than that though

one of my friends says it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in the last 20 years. WOW


You know how some things are influential and changed things up at the time but aged terribly and to anyone coming to them now, they can only really be enjoyed on an intellectual level? Like OK Computer?

That’s what I think about Twin Peaks.


That’s what I think about Magic: the Gathering.


Really loved it, but it’s quite obviously going to be complete crap now.


not really sure what they can do- s1 was undeniably tight and well written, and then it kinda goes awol in s2 (I’m looking at you James Hurley sub-plot). It’s kinda just a big pop culture touchstone atm with loads of bands referencing it and stuff.

Enjoyable stuff all the same, but I can’t see where they can go with s3, especially afterthey revealed who Killed Laura Palmer


Haters gonna hate. I’m excited for it.


I’m looking forward to it though so some of the casting choices chuckle me (Michael Cera mainly).


Eddie Vedder’s landed a part in it hasn’t he.Yeah it’s not going to be a circle jerk at all.


Ha yeah along with Trent Reznor too!




not arsed about the new stuff really. will watch it but… low expectations.


All of the Lynch-directed episodes of series one and two were great (probably as much as I’ve enjoyed any episodes of any TV show), and he’s directing all of the new stuff. That by itself is enough to make me look forward to this.


Complete agree with you silks

Saw the first series of Twin Peaks, was alright but have no urge to rewatch or go onto the second series

can imagine this new one being pretty shit too but people are gonna pretend its great cause #TwinPeaks


I kind of wish David Lynch would just make another film rather than going back to Twin Peaks, but I hope this new series is good anyway


Also looking forward to it for the music. I think it’s the only opening credits sequence over 20 seconds that I’ve never fast-forwarded.



I think I’ve gotten Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone mixed up in my head.


I reckon he’s more or less done everything he wants to do with cinema tbh.

I don’t think he’s still that interested in Twin Peaks but his original conception was always for it to be a continuous serial like Eastenders or whatever so he’s probably just making some attempt to get the ball rolling like that or at least see how far it can stretch.


I fucking love twin peaks. If someone doesn’t like it then that’s cool, they’re just a lesser person.


Agreed with the Lynch directed episodes being up there with some of the best things that have ever been on TV.


Anything that puts David Lynch back in the director’s chair is a-ok with me thank you very much cheers ta Clive.