I'm not particularly bothered about the new Twin Peaks shit



Sup. It’ll obviously be the best thing on TV since the originals, and Lynch’s most recent films are his best. The only thing not to be excited about is that’ll it’ll give more fuel to the (obviously incorrect!) idea that TV is the more artistically fertile/progressive etc. ‘medium’ compared to films



I’m about to watch it for the first time, having missed out first time around.


I’m just wondering how they’ll top turning someone into a door knob


excited to see how they incorporate modern ideas like smartphones and brexit


Brexit will probably come up more than coffee and pie.


Agent Cooper returns to Twin Peaks to find they’re all now Trump supporters wearing Make America Great Again caps.


I think there’s a problem with anticipation nowadays

People get too worked up about what’s coming next without considering everything available in the present. So you get fanboys talking about shitty Marvel trailers years in advance and the mediocre Frank Ocean album gets lauded to high heaven…and then forgotten about weeks later.

Remember everyone getting excited about the new Arrested Development (including me). That turned out well.



Whereas mobile phones won’t really be a thing just like in Woody Allen films set in the present…



OK Computer wasn’t even that good at the time, except for paranoid android because it was six minute song on the radio


I feel like I’m one of the few that really liked series 4 of Arrested Development. It’s flawed but there are still great bits in there.


I’m glad someone enjoyed it!

I think I might have laughed once during that whole series…perhaps.


yeah, if the soundtrack is as good this time i’ll weep!


Haha oh dear! Yeah it was a slow start with the laugh ratio but repeat viewings helped but yeah the George Snr episodes in particular weren’t very funny…


I think the basic problem with the series was that the characters only really worked when they were played off against each other in an ensemble

Because they had to shoot each characters story individually they ended up being pretty tedious


Yeah I totally get it and I agree it always was a great ensemble piece. Hopefully if they do make a fifth series they can film together…


had these consecutive messages from a strong Twin Peaks fan a couple days ago

when it launches I’ll completely disconnect from outside world. I might even take a break from work

sit in the dark with candle light only with a notepad writing down clues, names, interesting quotes etc

not a single detail will be missed

I will do a 3 day fast prior to the show to make sure my mind is clear from bullshit

20 minute meditation before each episode

finally, high supply of the finest black coffee and cherry pie

yeah, just got these messages one after another for a period of no more than one minute. very cute and the enthusiasm is infectious


Wow - that’s on another level :slight_smile:


I particularly like the meditation between each episode along with coffee and pie supply. Very appropriate!


I don’t agree with you. It’s not overrated. From where I come from, none of my friends know what Twin Peaks is. I wouldn’t qualify it as ‘‘not too bad’’ neither. There are tons of series that you can qualify as such out there. Qualifying Twin Peaks as no better than that seems like a try hard attempt at being hipster. Twin Peaks had major flaws, but you seem like you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the mainstream perception only for the sake of it.