I'm not starting a Friday thread

This definitely isn’t one

Ok, maybe it is

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Is not

Morning all! I couldn’t sleep last night with the heat so was still up at almost 4am. Had a weird work idea even though it’s my day off so just emailed the team like a saddo. Got a fence team around and then himself indoors is planning some more diy so anticipating a day of loud noises and no nap chances :sob:

Always remember being 27, having a 3 hour daily commute, being out-out 3-4 nights a week so getting like 4–5 hours sleep regularly but somehow not dying?? Somehow having fun?? Who was that woman



Work/ chores/ music planned today. Will do some yoga :person_in_lotus_position: too

Hopefully at least one of my kids will be in to hang out this eve. My eldest has her uni friends down for the weekend- maybe I could tag along to the pub with them tonight. That definitely wouldn’t be weird


Dog walk and bike ride this morning.

And then going to make the most of my last day off work [for 3 weeks] by doing fuck all for the rest of the day.

emailing your work before 9am on your day off? mate


not been hungover at work for about a year and I’m not proud

I only had about 2 litres of beer :grimacing:

Doing a day in the studio today to see the people I’m working with in-person - it’ll be my first day at a physical place of work since March 2020. Bit nervous tbh

Morning troops

Youre all smashers and I care a lot for you all. Here’s to you. :+1:Have an awesome Friday.

Took the dog for a long walk last night to stretch out my legs after a work out and was buzzed by bat’s the whole walk. Never really noticed them before… But how didnt I? Christ.

Anyway, got a morning of work so just mainlining jet fuel.


Going back to Glasgow, dont want to go back to Glasgow.

ikr, get a life.
why do you feel tired and burnt out, squandered, hmm, what a mystery :ghost:

Morning. My dad just sent me a photo of his new toilet roll holder, which has a phone shelf. Fuck sake, dad.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


How tempted are you to just recycle an old photo and see if anyone notices?

Morning! Wife and I are revoltingly hungover. Went to our first gig in 18 months last night (Jamie Lenman, a very civilised seated and table serviced affair) and had some lethal but delicious cocktails as our pre drink. Got home and the kid was still up because Nanny got her all hyped before bed and then she had a massive meltdown because she was confused about where we were (the kid had a meltdown, not Nanny although she may have done later on). Anyway wife is off to Peppa Pig Word today and I’ve got a Zoom meeting open with nobody on it and am going to have a paid nap.


I would never cheat.


Gooood morning. Currently eating leftover pizza for breakfast. Going to get a couple hours fishing in before work.


Morning all!

I’ve had a better sleep than I had for a week previously. That’s nice.

We’re expecting Wor Lass’s brother to visit tonight and collect The Child for the weekend, but he’s been planting the ‘I feel like I have a cold coming on’ vibes all week that I use when I’m planning a sick day. Regardless of whether he visits or not, we’ll be eating keema.

I’m considering a visit to the gym today but I would much prefer to go somewhere and drink coffee, eat cake and read my book.

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Please send our thoughts and prayers to Mrs Scorpio x


I need to to do actual work today. DISGUSTEN