I'm not starting a Friday thread

Sounds like a high-end toilet butler to me.

Last day in this job, gonna start doing some work any minute now…

Going down hampshire for the weekend later, supposed to have a BBQ tomorrow.

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can we see it or

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Got a few hours to learn an entirely new tour that I only finished last night. That’s bad but not as bad as also having to do my day job at the same time and an urgent thing just landing in my inbox.


Not sure whether to have a drink tonight or not. Might. Maybe not though, but probably will.

My new trainers have just arrived. They’re every bit as ridiculous as I’d hoped


They look like trainers OF THE FUTURE!


Did you know the “Rob” in my username is actually short for robot?

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Morning all.

I was woken up earlier by some folks from the water board - I completely forgot they were due to dig up the road right outside our front yard. They’ve got a wee digger and everything. It’s a bit noisy.

Presuming we can get out of our house Mrs Horse and I are off to a vineyard for a swanky meal and an overnight stay tonight. It’s only up the road but it’s the first time we’ve been away together since last February. Should be nice, though I’m gonna struggle to find a shirt that’ll accommodate my extra post-lockdown girth. I’ll be alright in a curry stained Hot Snakes t-shirt, right?

Hope you’re all well.

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Morning rob, all,

Thank fuck it’s Friday. It’s been a week…In positive news, my hair is very soft today as I washed and blow dried it before work. Just put some nose and chin pore strips on too as skin needs a bit of tlc.

WFH as per usual, but doing the bare minimum to get me through to 5pm. Going out with some friends to my local for food and drinks tonight so that’ll be nice.


Looks like it was made to snort lines off, not to hold a phone!

I’m red even when there’s no pandemic.

I don’t know whether it’s a working in the public sector thing or if I just give off a vibe, but (with the exception of the day I went on my first maternity leave and was an emotional wreck) I don’t think I have ever hugged a colleague or been hugged in the office. A senior manager put his hand on my shoulder once (entirely platonically, he wasn’t a creep) while talking to me at my desk and it struck me how much we all normally avoided any kind of physical contact in the office whatsoever. Fucking high fives and hugs. Just no.


I wouldn’t know, officer

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Poorly designed. No way could you prop it up in the right position to take a proper video.

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I’d probably be orange, but saying that I would have been orange before the pandemic too - I like talking but don’t want anyone in my personal space.

Pretty pleased that I’m ill from my vaccine tbh as it means I might be able to get out of seeing anybody this weekend, just need it to last for a couple more days

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Would like a deeper red that’s basically black to signal “fuck off”


went to see my first live music since all this covid pish kicked off. genuinely had a wee tear in my eye, so fucking good good to see musicians play again.
we all overdid it and i have zero recollection of getting home. :grimacing: :laughing: