I'm not sure if I enjoy drunk dancing anymore

It’s hard to admit but I’ve been thinking it for a few years. On Friday night I realised that it’s what I used to enjoy and was the main signifier of a good night and for the last few years I’ve been equating dancing = with a good night without actually consciously thinking about whether I was enjoying myself. Anyway on Friday I thought, hmmm this isn’t that great really, I mean, it’s ok but…

what about just dancing though?

I still love a bit of drunk dancing - wish I could do it more

I don’t like “cool” clubs though - I just want to hear Prince/ Stevie Wonder/ Talking heads/ Indie Disco classics/ school, wedding disco stuff


at home? or in a performance?

Dancing either at home for fun or out somewhere but without being drunk (if that makes sense)?

Haven’t drunk danced for ages. Must amend soon

I bet it won’t be as good as you think!

so much this

Dancing is weird and shit drunk or otherwise IMHO


Depends on the place, company, music etc. Doesn’t it. One bad night drunk dancing doesn’t mean it’s rubbish, just means that night wasn’t great innit. Not every night can be a great one

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I feel the same a lot of the time. I think for me it’s because a big part of it was enjoying the sexual frisson in the air. I’m a very sexy dancer.

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Yeah this, had quite a prolific spell of copping off with babes cos I was such a confident dancer when I was younger.

yeah same. i’m irresistible on the dancefloor.

Can you smell that @eems? Smells awfully like a



No I think you’ll find that’s the smell of all the clunge I’m wading through


I’m glad we didn’t grow up in the same place and that we both enjoyed a lot of respective clunge.

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Are you still a sexy dancer? Are you sure it won’t look dadish now you’re over 35?

just guessing that you’re over 35 btw



fuck off mate! I’m 33!

I don’t get that much opportunity to dance these days but I think I can still pull it off just fine thank you very much.

Remember going to a nightclub when I wasn’t even old - like 29 - and everyone there was like 19. it’s weird how invisible that makes you feel.