I'm obsessed with celebrities being sea sick and throwing up off the side of a boat

must really fucking suck to be sea sick. Can’t exactly get them to stop the boat. You’re just fucked


Which ones?

You’ve got to focus on a fixed point on the horizon to stop the sensation. Either that, or the opposite.



you’ve got to time the motion of the waves to jump up in the air as the boat comes down to get extra “hang time”

I was looking forward to a whale watching trip in the Azores for the whole holiday. Dr Mrs Epimer isn’t great with boats but knew how much I wanted to see whales so she took it like a champ. We take sea sickness pills and off we go. I was quite excited.

Within 30 seconds I knew I was fucked. The rolling motion was completely fucking with my head. The pills kept me from being physically sick, but we hadn’t even left the harbour and I was suffering from some of the worst travel sickness of my life.

Probably won’t be that long, right? We’re already out in the middle of the ocean, there must be wales everywhere, right?

“Hello, this is your captain speaking. We estimate that this tour will take around four and a half hours, and…”

Stared at the horizon the whole time


Oh man that is grim!

Did you do something else for the rest of the holiday instead?

Didn’t realise you can still get it after having the pills

Had this in Iceland myself. Felt so fucking rough it was unbelievable. Not a whale in sight either. Just four hours of being on a boat feeling awful.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fuck the ocean.


Yeah it was only one afternoon, went on looked at volcanos and stuff on the other days. Had lunch that was cooked in a thermal vent etc.

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You’re not even fully relieved when you get back on land either are you. The boat’s motion stays with you for a while.


It was weird, like when you get travel sick in the back of a car and you’re choking back the vom, except… no vom. Just that head mess.

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mate I was relieved as fuck

I also get very car sick but boat sick is worse.

It was the psychology of it that did me in more than anything. Like, there is literally no way to stop this or get out of it. We’ve left the harbour. I’m going to feel like this (or worse) for hour and a half hours and there is literally nothing I can do to make it better, or make the trip shorter. I am completely powerless, and I am fucked.

did you have cocido (meat, entrails etc stew) that trip or did I dream that too.

get out of my head man.

yeah I did.


Basically I’m saying it was like that thing where the guy got trapped and climbing and had to saw his own arm off, but much, much worse

When I was 8 we caught the ferry to Denmark and it was pretty rough crossing the North Sea. I just remember the boat giving out free super strength travel sickness tablets to everyone and there were still so many people throwing up that you had to take turns puking into the wash hand basins as all the toilet cubicles were occupied.

vegetarian I take it?