I'm older than Pete Wicks

Can’t believe it

Thought he was about 40. Really can’t believe this

  • Nope, absolutely no idea

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Pete Wicks Picked a Pile of Weetabix


Thought the fitness guy had got a makeover


Mr Motivator?

Is this an east Enders thing?

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Imagine owning a successful chain of DIY and building supplies stores, and still only being in your 30s


Imagining this now, pretty great so far…


I was on the same London to Glasgow flight as him a few years ago and he had loads of fans waiting for him at Glasgow arrivals with Pete Wicks merch for him to sign. Blew my mind :exploding_head: he was actually really sweet to them


Reckon his agent paid for them all to be there

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Had to google him. Im also older than him. TIL.

In many ways we’re all older than Pete Wicks

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Pete Dicks

He’s off The Only Way Is Essex. What’s the matter, too low-brow for ya!?

Saw him on that SAS thing the other week jump out of a helicopter and knock himself out (you were meant to chuck your rucksack out the way but he didn’t throw it far enough, broke his rib as he hit the water). Was just lying there face down in the sea. Anyway yeah I’m older than him.

Pete Wicks: Fire Walk With Me


I’m older than Pete Wentz.

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Oh wait, no I’m not.

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