I'm on a bus, AMA

I’m stuck on a bus for at least the next hour. AMA

(It doesn’t have to be about the bus)

What number?




what are the wheels doing?


Do you need a wee?

I believe they’re going round and round

You’ll never guess what the wipers are doing

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Nah I’m good atm

Do you prefer it now it does the Highgate detour or does it just sap even more of your life energy?

oh god

please tell me

also just back to the wheels, is there a set amount of time that they’re going to be doing that for do you know?

Is it a London bus? If so is it crowded and did you for some bizarre reason decide to catch it from a bus station?

It’s a Manchester bus so I would be really annoyed if it took a detour to Highgate


Tube strike day

I am aware of that.

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Ah screw you then :wink:


Ah well, is it one of the 3000 other buses making its way up Oxford Road at a snail’s pace or is one of those useful routes?

What are your favourite crisps?

Just heard the driver say on his radio back to base(?) “These wheels, I tell ya. They’re gonna be going around all day long at this rate”

The wipers are actually doing nothing atm because it’s glorious sunshine here

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How many times so far has someone redundantly pressed the dinger?

Wait, isn’t it better to catch it from a bus station?

It is not crowded at all atm which is nice, and I did indeed catch it from a bus station