I'm on a bus, AMA

Were you aware that some people on here live in London before you made this thread or is it only becoming apparent now?


Near 9ish we will be making the Oxford Road crawl unfortunately

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May as well just get out and walk it

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Mate I’ve already twice failed to make my code run to say nobody is going anywhere in London today. I’m allowed to complain, and if by any chance someone actually on a London bus was posting on here there is a very tiny possibility it might be useful to me.

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Anyone in the bus reading a book/did you see what they were reading?

Good question!

Salt and vinegar McCoy’s is probably my default, but had these posh boys a while back and they slammed

I do like various flavours of Hula Hoops and Monster Munch too

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No-ones actually got off yet! We’re right at the start of the route

That doesn’t necessarily deter a hardcore dinger


Dont think I’ve ever seen anyone talk about London on these forums you know


are you having a nice time

No-one is reading, everyone is just on their phones. What is society coming to?

I’m having an absolute ball

Is it sunny there? It’s officially spring here because the sun is glinting off the dust on my laptop screen. Few things better than a chilly sunny day looking out of the window of a bus.

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Would you ask there neareast person to you to play ispy?

It’s so so sunny, but also -2 degrees. Guess it’s nice in its own way but I’m ready for warm weather

Bus is actually reasonably warm, especially next to the window

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Presumably not Highgate


Spent a significant amount of time playing this with my son yesterday so I’m gonna take a break today

I’ve hung out in Highgate Hill in Brisbane too (@ma0sm ) and there’s a similar vibe of hilliness but not the same vibe of ancient buildings (although probably the Bris ones are also worth millions).

aw that’s nice

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if no one else starta singing hail to the bus driver would you lead the way?

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