Im pissed, just tuned 30


And need a hug :frowning:



(edit: apparently those are hugs)

(edit 2: happy birthday(?))


happy birthday pal


Happy Birthday man! xx


Hugs to u lad :cowboy_hat_face:


happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday and hugs! :birthday:


Happy birthday!


Tuned 30 what?

happy birthday!


Here, I bought you this birthday balloon :balloon:

May it bring as much joy as it has brought me over the years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Wow I was really drunk enough to post this guy. Many thanks all!


Happy birthday. It is also my birthday but I’m still ill and off work which gives me the guilts.


Happy Birthday!


You are one day younger than me! Happy Birthday boss!


Happy birthday mate :slight_smile:
If it helps at all, all of my mates who have reached that milestone say it’s WAY better than being in your 20s
(Also happy birthday for yesterday @Kallgeese- meant to say it yesterday but don’t think I did. Hope you had a joyous day!)


Happy birthday, 30 is a great age.



happy birthday!! :duck: :birthday::champagne:


What’s it with everyone being 30 this week?!
Happy birthday paisan, hope you have a grand day :+1::grinning::beers:


Aww, thank you! It was a day filled with records and pints with friends so it was pretty damn good!