I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh

Any recommendations for where to stay, where to eat etc?

(Please, no “go to Glasgow instead” or “don’t bother” comments. While we all enjoy a laugh now and then, there’s a very specific reason why it’s necessary to head to Edinburgh, so I’d appreciate a bit of decorum and, yes, even solemnity)



Please give me a clue as to how I might parse this reply.


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So I’ve booked a spa treatment/afternoon for my partner, and I thought we might build a weekend out of it.

We like… pubs, cocktails, books, record shops, nice food (I’m vegetarian but she isn’t)…

Any suggestions would be nice!

i’m sorry, I’m going to have to say it anyway “go to Glasgow instead”

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now what happens? am i banned or whit

exiled to the east coast

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i was going to try and make some suggestions but i really don’t know edinburgh at all any more

Thanks anyway!

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It was worth it

Quite enjoyed that German bar last time I was over

does Avalanche exist at the minute? have a feeling it might have closed for good now

i realised mine are all Fringe-specific

i really like the National Gallery on The Mound and the National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street. the latter has an exhibition i really like on the top floor about the development of sport in the 19th century: https://www.nationalgalleries.org/visit/scottish-national-portrait-gallery-23553/room-displays/playing-for-scotland-the-making-of-modern-sport

definitely remember an image of one of the early international football matches between England and Scotland where the referee and his assistants are wearing three piece suits :smiley:

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Can only really second some of @AllOfThemWitches recommendations really.

Hoot the redeemer is far, far more hipster than panda and sons, i think. And the staff are much friendlier that you’d expect from that kind of place. Especially panda and sons went there on Monday and the staff did everything they could to accomodate us even though they were quite busy. And I couldn’t pronounce the name of the whisky I wanted and I didn’t get sniggered at (Auchentoshan for the record).

Never been to the 6 degrees north in Edinburgh but the one is Glasgow is great.

Would probably add:
That one next to the Guildford arms, I think it might be called Oyster Bar or something.
And Voodoo rooms round the corner from there.
These three are good if you want a few quick drinks before the train as they are really near Waverley.

There’s also lebowskis if you like white Russians, they probably do other cocktails but I don’t know.

Eating wise, I’ve only really eaten lunch around Haymarket way , if you’re over that way (maybe if you walk to the gallery of modern art you might be). There’s a good cafe called Caffeine Drip which has a good range of vegan/veg/meat stuff on the menu.

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Das ist Der Wurst!

I ate in the new dishoom at the weekend, ''twas lovely.
Witches list is good

If weather is decent, go for a walk along River Leith up to the national Gallery (think one bit of path is still closed off because of the bank subsiding but everyone jumps over the signs and barriers warning of certain death so you can feel all Fight Club)

Mums on Forrest Road Is my favourite for breakfast / evening meals (perhaps not so great if vegetables are exclusively your bag) and isnt v pricey

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botanical gardens also good (I am prematurely old and decrepit though)