I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh


Any recommendations for where to stay, where to eat etc?

(Please, no “go to Glasgow instead” or “don’t bother” comments. While we all enjoy a laugh now and then, there’s a very specific reason why it’s necessary to head to Edinburgh, so I’d appreciate a bit of decorum and, yes, even solemnity)

Things to do in Edinburgh



Please give me a clue as to how I might parse this reply.


Hi hi! I can help you out regarding where to eat/drink etc… What kinda thing are you after?





So I’ve booked a spa treatment/afternoon for my partner, and I thought we might build a weekend out of it.

We like… pubs, cocktails, books, record shops, nice food (I’m vegetarian but she isn’t)…

Any suggestions would be nice!


i’m sorry, I’m going to have to say it anyway “go to Glasgow instead”


Okay, no worries, I will have a think and write you up a hefty list when I’m home :smiley:

That’s well nice of you by the way! I’m sure she’ll love it :slight_smile: aww.


now what happens? am i banned or whit


exiled to the east coast


i was going to try and make some suggestions but i really don’t know edinburgh at all any more


Thanks anyway!


It was worth it


So here’s my thoughts -

Cocktails ( bare in mind I don’t go out for cocktails often) -

Lucky Liquor Co - went here for my birthday! They have a cocktail in a lightbulb! Ooo fancy. I really liked it.
Panda & Sons
Hoot the Redeemer - I believe this and Panda & Sons are maybe owned by the same people, I will warn you they are HIDEOUSLY hipster. I’m pretty sure the bar staff are required to wear bowties and braces?
52 Canoes Tiki Den - Tiki bar

Craft Beer pubs -

Salt Horse
The Hanging Bat
6 degrees North
Andrew Ushers and Co

I LOVE all of the above!! Holyrood 9A is not too bad either, it’s not my favourite though.

Should I bother mentioning BrewDog? It’s here too, in the Cowgate which is hell on earth on the weekend.

Old man whisky type pubs -

Bow Bar
The Blue Blazer
Guildford Arms

General pubs -

The Black Fox
The Lioness of Leith
Safari Lounge

These three above do cocktails too!

Food -

So the boyfriend and I weirdly tend to either go to really cheap places or really expensive places to eat. Edinburgh has a lot of michelin starred restaurants and we’ve been to most of them, but only for lunch as It’s roughly 30 quid each instead of a bazillion pounds each and it’s brilliant if you fancy treating yourself! Problem is that they don’t always do lunch options on the weekend -

21212 - Our favourite place to go, despite the lavish surroundings its a really laid back atmosphere, the staff are really nice too.
The Kitchin
Castle Terrace
Martin Wishart

Other fancyish restaurants -

First Chapter - Been here twice! Both times were really good!
The Gardeners Cottage - Never been here but we’ve heard good things. It’s a wee cottage off of London Road, they grow their own vegetables, fruit etc.
Field - Been here a few times for lunch, pretty cheap! However, there have been a few inconsistencies (warm bread roll was cold in the middle, my profiterole was burnt) I would still go back though.
Aizle - Never been but it’s meant to be great.
TIMBER YARD - Never been but again, it’s meant to be great. The prices always put me off.
Restaurant Mark Greenaway - We went here for lunch and it was totes tasty noms. I had a raspberry souffle with a hot custard and BY JESUS, it was phenomenal, I was scraping that bowl down!!
The Scran & Scallie - Tom Kitchin’s other restaurant which is meant to be more chilled out.

Cheaper options -

Mother India - Indian
La Favorita - Italian
Origano - Italian
Khushi’s - Indian
The Dogs - British
Sushiya - Japanese
Kanpai - Japanese
Chop Chop - Chinese
First Coast - asian european
Ting Thai Caravan - Asian

Chains you’ll probably be aware of -


Neither of us are vegetarian so I have no real clue if any of these are especially good for veggies, I’d presume they’d all have an option or two. The fancier ones when you book they’ll probably ask. One place I do know of that was really nice and a little fancy was David Bann’s restaurant. It’s completely vegetarian.

I don’t buy records so I’m not aware of which ones to recommend, I could ask about for you via thee ol’ book of faces. Bookshops though… if you like old books there’s loads! Down the Grassmarket there’s a few shops down in West Port. If you’re into art books there’s the Fruitmarket Gallery, then there’s the obvious Waterstones and Blackwells but I’m guessing you mean more independent places. Up in Bruntsfield there’s The Edinburgh Bookshop too.

Anyway sorry, that’s a heck of a lot of rambling! I hope it gives you some ideas and I apologise in advance if you venture to any of these places and hate them!


Quite enjoyed that German bar last time I was over


does Avalanche exist at the minute? have a feeling it might have closed for good now


i realised mine are all Fringe-specific


i really like the National Gallery on The Mound and the National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street. the latter has an exhibition i really like on the top floor about the development of sport in the 19th century: https://www.nationalgalleries.org/visit/scottish-national-portrait-gallery-23553/room-displays/playing-for-scotland-the-making-of-modern-sport

definitely remember an image of one of the early international football matches between England and Scotland where the referee and his assistants are wearing three piece suits :smiley:


The brauhaus?


Oh yeah, the Scottish national gallery of modern art and modern two are excellent too. Also the national museum of Scotland on chamber street and the surgeons hall are my favourite places.