I'm posting the Wednesday thread and you can't stop me

Please everyone feel welcome in my first ever DiS thread. I hope that you all find much enjoyment :partying_face: I’m working late tonight so I get to enjoy a lie-in. I just had some scrambled eggs and I’m about to play video games. What are you up to today?


What a beautiful moment to have witnessed :grinning:




WFH today. Climbing this evening. That’s about it.

Small dinner, hot bedroom, two G&Ts with crap gin. Thaaaaaaat’s a headache.

Morning Rarity, att, everyone else. Awake far too early for a day off with a very mild hangover and a massive hankering for sandwiches. Not much planned today, need to go and run a few errands but not for a while so I’m going to stay exactly where I am until the cat decides it’s time we all got up.

Oooof. Dr. Rarity proscribes a greasy fry-up to cure that pesky hangover

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Alright. Back to work. A bit achy from a big walk yesterday. Hoping for one of those rare days where absolutely nothing happens

On the train to oxford. Sick to death of travelling to oxford tbh.

Managed to burn my throat tasting steaming hot stew last night when some potato got stuck in my throat.


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might do this myself

I got some smoked salmon yesterday to add to my eggs. Can’t fucking wait.

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morning rarity, all :wave:

today I have to work in our Gatwick office, which is two trains and a bus away from me instead of one train, to give a demo to some people who a) were in my normal office yesterday but for reasons I have to give the demo today in this other office and b) have seen what I’m demoing before anyway. at least I get to arrive late and leave early cos of said two trains and a bus?

Morning! Should have left 5 minutes ago. Excellent.

I am mad jel, that sounds lush

Morning Rarity, all,

Today has begun badly. First I had a dreadful night’s sleep, full of various weird family dreams, meaning I woke up exhausted and I didn’t enjoy my shower, as I was trying to block it all out. Then I was delivered a bit fat shot of adrenaline, when, at a T-junction just up the road, that I was turning right, down the shaft of, a car came with in millimetres of driving straight into me. To be fair, they clearly weren’t in the mood to wait around at the junction - as I was approaching they were already inching forward into the road. I probably should have just given into their boisterous approach to declaring right of way. Anyway, no harm done, thankfully, although they might have stalled. they didn’t seem to move from the middle of the junction for a long time, as I drove away.

Anyway, as if to rub CYP1A2 straight into my veins, there also seems to be no coffee down this end of the office. I’ve already had a run in with my kitchen friend, who today seemed very keen this morning for me to remember 3 day working weeks, doing homework by candlelight and Venezuela. I’m really not in the mood for that non-sense. Oh! and the Swindon lot seem to have been fully moved in, bringing with them their motivational placards and tiny little miniature desk flags, so obviously I now also want a tiny little miniature desk flag.

On the plus side. I’d apparently pre-ordered the American Football album to my office address but with my home postcode. Thankfully someone managed to work out where I wanted it… In the cupboard in reception.

Got rehearsal after work. Don’t think I’ve picked up my guitar since last week, I hope no one can tell. Might down down the back way to the other kitchen and try to pinch some coffee now. Wish me luck.

ps, congratulations on your first thread!

Morning all. And thanks @Rarity for your first morning thread :+1:

Am off to London for a conference. Which usually means the same amount of phone calls / emergency emails to field in my lunch break. And if not, the joy of making awkward conversation over sandwiches.



Feel wank but can’t take another day off this week due to financial year end bollocks, so I’m going to see how much work I can get done between naps.

aye well I had colossal sauce on mine


that was the last of it :sob:

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So glad i have ppa this afternoon as i came on this morning and i do NOT have the patience to deal with my class all day. Assembly practice was hilariously bad but all parents want to see is their cute little kid standing there picking their nose, don’t they?

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