I'm proud to present to you one of the best group I play with!

Jennifer Cabrera Fernandez 3rd Root

We may very well end up touring in the UK!
Who would like to see us live?


I wonder if a live of this band in London would trigger the DiS community :wink:
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Id make my way to London if you do :grin:

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All right that’s 2, I swear if we get to 10 people I start organizing the tour to UK!

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Hi Pietro! I’d love to see this but I’m not in the UK, but best of luck in your endeavours as always.

Come to Nijmegen (or anywhere in the Netherlands)!

Yeah we may do that!

this is great

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Rock & Roll!!

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Consider me in!

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Yes please!

Thanks Juke! Where do you live?

Brno in the Czech Rep. You should come and play the Fleda club, great venue! I’m in Italy right now though… I’m presuming you’re from there?

Ok thanks for the suggestion!
Yes, I’m from Padua next to Venice, where are you now?

Ah only around a 10 hour drive from Brno then, practically next door! I’m in Rome now but heading to Florence, San Marino and Bergamo later this week :slight_smile:

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