I'm really into steam rooms

At the moment.

I don’t get it

don’t take your phone in there unless it has a death wish

took the paper in the other day. it got damp.

Don’t take one of the Hairy Bikers in there unless you’d like to be in an awkward situation similar to the plot from a 1970s sitcom.

I haven’t had a nice steam in so long.

yeah, they’re fucking great

worked in a hotel years back and the only real perk was unlimited use of the pool and steam room. beautiful

lots of folk shaving in them. not into that.


they make my heart beat really fast

not into them

I’ve never been in one

confession time: pissed in one when i was a teenager trying to make my mates laugh - loads of steam

Hate steam rooms. Feel like I’m drowning.

Love saunas.