Im sad that the new of Montreal album is being slept on

I mean. Dont get me wrong i totally understand. Ive not been excited for an album from them for years now but the latest album is really fun and well constructed. Not quite as camp and silly as peak Prince Barnes but still bouncy and catchy.

Slept on?

As in no one talking about it. Very middling reviews. Like its just gonna straight up vanish. But everyone who has listened to it seem to be big fans of it.

Deffo has the most consistently positive buzz within the fan base since Hissing Fauna (skeletal lamping was very divisive)

Ah, I’ve never heard that phrasing before. I though you meant it has been not released or it was only bootlegs.

But i think this thread is more of a “if you once loved the band but got bored of their schtick” this is a nice refresher of their sound and worth checking out.

Their fault for releasing in on a bed.

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I’m sad that you’ve ignored my thread

I didnt ignore your thread. I just wanted to make a new one with a title telling people to listen to the new one cause its one of their best imho

I agree with you, btw

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