I'm shit at interviews


What are your tips. Can I have them. I really want to get this job I’m going for cos the job I’ve got now has just about the most anti-social hours it’s possible to find.

(sub-thread: I swear all you 9-5 bastards don’t know how lucky you have it)


think they’ve gone home


the thing with me is forcing myself to pretend that I don’t give a shit about the job i’m interviewing for.


i’m obviously gonna bump it tomorrow. Muted, timewaster.


Depends on the job and the interview format.

Some have been formal STAR-type interviews, others have more of a chat through a portfolio and experience.


Let’s assume this is a job that pretty much any old dickhead with half a brain could do, but requires a little bit of general admin experience and a degree for some reason.

In other words, let’s assume that portfolios arent a thing



Find out about the company, find out about the role.

Think of examples of different situations and tasks that you have done that would be applicable to the role they are asking you to do.

Even if they don’t explicitly ask you in a STAR format, try and structure your answers so that they reflect that. And don’t spend ages on the S&T parts, but major on the A&R bits.


Try and have examples ready of times when you’ve dealt with difficult/unexpected situations at work in the past, shit like that.


Aye yeah I know all this stuff, I was hoping more that people would say how they cope with the pressure, what they do when they have to actually think of an answer to an unexpected question instead of just reeling them off, if there’s some sort of masonic handshake I can do etc.


yeah and take your time to answer, appear to listen to the questions intently and give a little pause as if to consider their excellent question, then, as you think of the actual answer, just sort of rephrase it then go into the main answer.

there’s no substitute for feeling at ease with yourself so sometimes interviews are just always pretty horrible however much you study for it (for people like me anyway)


Was that the wind?


Always remember the 3 Ps; preparation, preparation, preparation


Ah right, I find them pretty uncomfortable as well. If they offer you anything when you arrive you should ask for a water, that’ll give you valuable seconds of thinking time while you sip it.


Practice, practice, practice.

Get someone to mock interview you - preferably someone who has conducted interviews in the past.


Get a notebook and write down examples of times you’ve done stuff on the person specification / job description. Do the same with questions you want to ask.

Take it with you.


It’s preparation preparation preparation not practice practice practice don’t confuse the lad!


I’ve got a word doc where I answered the questions that came up when I googled “INTERVIEW QUESTIONS” or something. I’m sure none of them will come up.


It looks really good if you arrive with notes/ take notes.


Fairly sure I have only ever succeeded in an interview as people have taken pity on me.