I'm sorry but it's Monday


Hello Jookjukejoke. Hello everyone else. Today is Monday, which is usually my Thursday, but this week I have to work Wednesday, which is usually my Saturday, so I don’t know what today is really. Anyway, I massively cba with work and I’d like to stay at home and eat crisps and watch Gossip Girl with my wife all day please.



An apology isn’t enough frankly. I’m on a train to laandan. I feel like I’m permanently on this train :sleeping:


I’m supposed to be at a ‘Professional Services Conference’ but bailed after seeing the agenda. It’s basically loads of belms from the uni talking about how successful they’ve been with a few pointless workshops thrown in. I rarely say no to a free lunch but I think my mental health is more important.

Now that my shoulder is 100% not broken I’m really itching to play gigs again. My next one is in September :frowning:

Oh god, another day of see it say it sorted. Not sure I can take it this early


Are you asking @joke for some kind of financial recompense? Cause if so, I want in.


I’d like him to make it not be Monday

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Can I have all the cash then?

If you use it to buy me cakes and booze, sure

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you can have all the money in my bank account if you want. I get paid tomorrow so that should give you some idea as to how much there is.

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Why the fuck not!

Morning all.

Of course it’s sunny this morning having pissed it down all weekend.

Morning joke et. al

Littlun is not happy being put down in her crib yet so I’ve spent half the night with her asleep on me while we listen to ambient music. Lovely but I’m sooooo tired.

My first non Disintegration State EP is on Spotify today on the See Blue Audio label - bandcamp release on Friday but it’s made it to streaming early. Dubby electronica in case folks want some new music on a Monday.


First day back after 2 weeks of getting up at noon :-1:t4: seeing bikini kill later, might be alright

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Morning Joke, all.

Been at work 45 minutes and things are already kicking off. Absolutely exhausted and it’s not even 9am. :tired_face:

Had a good weekend capped off with a 3.30am up late chat my wife. So I’m fucked. Oops.

Taking dog to vets then going to the planning office to discuss building our own home.

I’ve got an awesome podcast tonight by @elights at 9pm. I’ll be pimping that later.


It is raining, R had me up at 5am asking to get into my bed and I hadn’t gotten to sleep until gone midnight, and also it is raining.

Faceplanted (well, side-planted) while out running, dinged my leg up a bit and think I’ve bruised or cracked a rib. Yaaayyyy.

Three day week :smiley:
Gonna be a really busy three day week :frowning: