I'm sorry but the best debut album of all time is..

I have listened to a couple of them but not enough or recently enough to really comment.

Hallowed Ground is sincerely meant I think, but its darkness, cabaret elements and especially its religious themes confused the hell out of their audience who were presumably expecting another record full of catchy tunes about teenage lust. Funnily enough the track on it which has aged worst and which is pretty indefensible now is the one which you could imagine fitting on the debut (Black Girls).

The rest of the record stands up well I think and I’ve always admired them for having the guts to take such a left turn with their second album - it’s similar to what The Feelies did when they followed their debut with The Good Earth.

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VU & Nico for me clive but this is real close, ridiculously ahead of it’s time

Are the Violent Femmes a bit forgotten?

Always felt like it was one of those albums you discovered at some point in your teenage years but don’t get the impression that’s the case anymore, which would be a shame as it’s pretty timeless really isn’t it.

Oh wait, It’s Velvet Underground isn’t it? Ignore the other answers and close the thread.