I'm Sun and he's Day, and together we are... SUNDAY!

Hi poppets how you doing? What are your Sunday plans?

I’m going to my dad’s for chicken and chips and watching Leicester get humped by West Bromwich Albion. Then I’ll have a walk. That’s all I’ve got, now u


Morning jook. Hope your boys win today.

More writing today, it never seems to end. Watching some footers too ofc.

I’m very sleepy. Stayed up until 2 chatting with my dad which was lovely.

Nice breakfast with the family then probably go home. Need to rejig our bedroom and write a cover letter up


Thank you Tuna that’s a lovely thing to say! I was delighted to see your boys win last night.

I’m gonna go downstairs now, stick Match of the Day on and have a nice cup of tea. Will keep you updated.

That’s very nice of you to say! I too was delighted

Morning squad, hope youse are well

Slept cuddling my hot water bottle as my kidneys feel two sizes too big. Rough sleep. Now on the couch under a blanket as the kids watch Netflix and play with coins.

Might have to do some hoovering as Frank’s hair is starting to shed again, and we promised the kids a walk in the wet so might dope up on pain meds and do that.

Also made home made lemon ice tea so can’t wait to have some later. Might get lorne to make some rolls if I’m feeling spicy.


Morning @AQOS and all the other lovelies.

Got church, family picnic at NT Dyrham and then watching football while doing a lot of work which I have done an excellent job of not doing so far this weekend.

I am also now ready for your congratulations on my team winning :trophy:

I was saddened to see your team win.

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Hi Joke, hi everyone. I’m on my way to work, obviously. Really tired, need Tuesday to hurry up please.

Joke I hope you beat West Brom, absolute skirting board of a team. Pointless.



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Enjoy the walk up the hill to the car park as the bus isn’t running.

Never take the bus. Luckily I have extremely powerful thighs :smile: plus we normally go the woodland trail long way round which although it is a hill isn’t as hilly as that mad drive.

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The joys of having older kids.

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It really is great…we don’t even have to go to the tractor bit any more!
My sister is also coming with her 3 and 1 yr old though so it will probably all come back to me :smile:


Today will mainly be more of this

Although it’s going to be a nice day so maybe we’ll pop out somewhere at some point. Be rude to waste nice weather like this.


Off to swimming shortly with the silly toddler. Beyond that, mainly recovering from a fun but tiring holiday with said silly toddler.


Any libraries though?


Aw “silly baby” has become “silly toddler” :grin: