I'm Sun and he's Day, and together we are... SUNDAY!



First game of the Sunday league season.

Had a rare good preseason and got a good squad out, but facing a team we lost 9-0 and 2-1 to last season. They’re a proper bunch of arseholes too. Place your bets

Lose 4-2 after going ahead thanks to an Aggpass brace, then you get sent off after calling the ref a fucking ballbag when he denies you a clear pen at 2-0.

I’ve scored 1 competitive goal for us in 4 years, it was chalked off a few days later when the oppo got booted out of thr league for not paying their reg fees. This is a very unlikely scenario

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Morning all. I was saddened to watch my team lose yesterday.


Sofa tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
MotD :record_button::record_button:
Bagels :arrows_counterclockwise::arrows_counterclockwise:
Shower :arrow_heading_down::new:
Work :leftwards_arrow_with_hook::leftwards_arrow_with_hook::put_litter_in_its_place:

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Yeah she’s graduated. Been toddling for 6 months now but feels like a proper silly toddler now she’s saying lots of silly words.

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I had a bunch of dreams about breaking into buildings. My dream self is really into breaking into buildings, it’s a real subconscious hobby at this point

I hope DiS lasts forever so we see the full evolution of this :grin:

“So proud of my silly graduate”




Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Definitely feels a bit Monday-esque

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Put some socks on and they had a hole in the toe.

No thank you

Please report back, suddenly very interested in trying this myself too

Plans hmm. Might buy an amp and do some more laptop research, possible cinema trip in the afternoon but not sure I cba

Time to make pancakes now though :pancakes: :coffee:

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:musical_note: There’s a hole in your sock, dear tilty, dear tilty :musical_note:

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found a song from a band that never happened with some pals

for fans of weezer/pavement that kinda vibe i guess

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Chilled day for me I reckon

After 11 months of living with my folks (wasn’t meant to be that long but COVID mucked up my plans somewhat) I have moved to the sunny climb of Hove with two lovely people. Yay for me!


ah pish, I’m awake already. start work at 10pm tonight so was hoping for a longer lie-in than this :grimacing: