I'm taking a walk round to Greggs

Going for lunch. Updates to follow.

I did this but upgraded it to a Birds. Probably the finest tuna and cucumber sandwich I’ve had.

I’ll take a Belgian bun please.

Could go for a sausage, bean and cheese melt now :yum:

Birds sausage cob!

Salted caramel doughnut please mate

Yum yums pls

What? When did this happen?

They’ve had them the last couple of times I’ve been in (most recently was about a month ago). Custard doughnut with salted caramel icing - Well nice.

The caramel custard doughnut is one of my faves so I welcome this new addition.

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Used to work at Greggs

A customer called me a cunt on my first day


pineapple cake, cheers


Two sausage rolls and an empire biscuit to follow. Got some beans on the hob to go with the sausage rolls, and I’m going to have a glass of irn bru with it all. £2.40 was the expenditure in Greggs (90p for each sausage roll, 60p for the biscuit).

They do gift cards now! Going to make that my standard wedding present for people from now on.


Going home tomorrow night, will be on the menu.

Empire biscuit sounds a bit Brexity…

Fully on board with 2 sausage rolls though, although I prefer a pasty and sausage roll combo myself.

According to Wikipedia

The biscuit was originally known as the “Linzer Biscuit”, and later the “Deutsch Biscuit”. With the outbreak of World War I in England it was renamed to Empire biscuit,in Scotland it was renamed a Belgian biscuit because Belgium had just been invaded, but in Northern Ireland it remains known as the German Biscuit or biscuit bun. In Northern Ireland it is commonly found with a jam and coconut topping. It is also known as the “Belgian biscuit”, due to being topped in a similar way to a Belgian bun made of pastry or dough.

only good thing at greggs is their mexican chicken baguettes. 10/10 would block guts again

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reckon you’ve been done there m9

you not get a pack of four for like £2?

They’ve done you on the icing for your empire biscuit there.