I'm the kind of guy that, when faced with a choice between two options

will weigh up each option and go for the one that seems to be the preferred one of the two


Always said that about you tbf.

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Always. In interviews and that.

I’ll pick the one that seems least likely to draw attention to myself or cause any inconvenience

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Yeah, me too

This doesn’t surprise me in the least, if you don’t mind me saying

Which is by no means a criticism, by the way

I don’t mind you saying at all, I fact I thank you for saying.

I used to flip coins until I found out that counts as auguring and its haram


Does it really? That’s very good to know

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I hope I don’t come across as sarcastic as the previous reply does when I say that is genuinely interesting! Is that because it uses money, or would any instance of leaving something chance be the same (eg a dice)?

(Not being sarcastic at all, apologies if it came across that way)

What a subtle burn that was

Flip coins and only accept it if it lands on the answer you secretly wanted


I’m the kind of guy that, when faced with two options, didn’t realise until much later that I had a choice between two options and inevitably took the wrong one.

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It’s like gambling, which is forbidden so I now am forced to confront life and decide for myself :sweat_smile: