Im thinking of setting up a gofund me for rent (this month obly ofc)

After all thats happened recently ive fallen into a financial predicament that could see me get evicted if i dont pay rent asap. However im concerned about the morlality/ethics of setting one up.

Can people please give me an honest opinion on thos before i decide to go ahead

Nothing against this morally Ducky and I hope you get the support you need, but if you have the energy (or have people around to help) I’d strongly advise approaching the council for advice. Many councils have pots of money to help with rent arrears (especially if it’ll avoid eviction). I’m happy to do a bit of digging around if you send me some details.


What details would u need

If you could DM me

  • your local council
  • what your living arrangement is (e.g tenancy in a shared house, lodgings, etc)
  • where things are at in terms of eviction (have they served any formal notices, have they been to court etc etc)
    That’s probably it. I’ll see what I can find out :slight_smile:

If you are in the local council I think you’re in, their website is shit!

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