I'm three years older than Richard Ashcroft in the Bittersweet Symphony video


For some reason this has really affected me.

Who are you older than


for christ’s sake, man


I am also older than a man from the past.


didn’t know you were in the Bittersweet Symphony video


I’m older than Johnny Marr was when The Smiths broke up


kurt coabin die at 27 :open_mouth:


That’s life!


I’m three years older than Bruce Willis was in the Sixth Sense.

I haven’t worked out I’m a ghost either.


Jesus Christ had already died and come back to life 10 years before age I am now.




I’m older than my dad was when i was 15


Gonna have a midlife crisis next year


Someone I know on Facebook posted this today:


The cat?


ok i’ll try



Cat’s can’t kill themselves, they always land on their feet.


And have nine lives.


Trick question, it’s a female cat


I was born on the same day as Vanilla Ice. I was born at about 8am so there’s a stronger than average chance I am older than him.


I am older than the oldest man in the world was when he was 20

Terrifying thought.