Im tired of people telling me i sound like kanye, can somebody please give me some closure.... do i sound like him or not?


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Can you repeat the question?

Woozle wuzzle.

Weird, when I read the title I was SURE this was going to be the long awaited DiS return of John Brainlove

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Did we get a definitive answer on this? @ma0sm @jordan_229 @ericthefourth @cowcow @stumbley

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I will investigate

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  • Doesnt sound like Ye
  • Hurry up with my damn croissants

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Woah, I pressed play and did something else and then two minutes later I was like “hey I don’t remember this yeezy track” then I looked over and was like “wo that’s not konman, someone give that guy some closure!!!”


insane kanye posse