I'm trying a 'Gousto' box

Thoughts so far:

Unnecessary amount of plastic.
Pessimistic our meals will look like what’s on the recipe cards.

What in the heck is a gousto box m9


well, it is a box of food you get delivered, with the exact quantities you need for four different meals. We just had the thai green curry. Was actually really nice! There was an introductory offer so we tried it. May do it again in future at a time we know we’ve got loads of work on or something (rather than depend on takeaways etc.)

go on then, tell us how much it cost

£20. That might be like half their normal price or sutin

got the deal thing. was really good tbh, wouldnt pay full price like.

35 quid normally :rofl:

Seems very tory

so many of these things aren’t there? shame the government has banned people from just buying ingredients and making food




is that £15 for three meals for two people?

seems alright?

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We tried a similar version of this. Hilarious when they send you ONE clove of garlic, or a tiny container with a few teaspoons of olive oil.

Yes - there are excessive amounts of packaging. Which is a shame as one of the good things about those boxes is that there is zero food waste.

Have tried Gousto and Hello Fresh, both on introductory offers.

Food was tasty and reasonably matched the pictures (if you’re a competent cook it’s pretty straightforward). Portion sizes were okay, but I could have ate more. I liked the fact there was no waste, though the packaging can be excessive.

Couldn’t really see it being worthwhile in the long run though. Also, it demands your attention in a way I don’t always appreciate in the evening after work - sometimes I don’t mind cooking, sometimes I just want something quick.

However, I’m swearing off all these things after a Hello Fresh salesman rang my doorbell at 8.30pm and tried to pressure sell me a subscription on the spot. Absolutely fuck off. Can’t imagine their business is going great if that’s their strategy tbh. (Plus Amazon is about to launch one of these things and crush the competition).

We sacked it off after a few weeks.

  • After a while, some of the recipes were either not nice, or a total ballache (the pizza. Jesus).
  • It is quite expensive.
  • The delivery people they used were useless. The last box arrived a day late and all the ice packs had melted. I pulled out a pack of room temperature fish and decided we were done.

It was good for changing up what we had for dinner though, as we got stuck in a cycle of having the same things a lot.

Severely reduced promo price one presumes

had a great argument with my housemate about these things recently

surely getting the separate parts for cooking a meal properly takes a fraction of the time that doing the cooking does (i walk past a big tesco on my way home and always pop in for 5 minutes… that’s all the time i need to sort out dinner)

surely getting the separate ingredients delivered saves you a tiny amount of time compared to buying a takeaway

now i get that takeaway is expensive and unhealthy

but what’s the point in spending excess money to save a tiny fraction of time if that’s what you’re bothered by?

just go to the shop like a normal person

They’re not A Bad Thing but I wouldn’t get one. Main thing for me would be knowing I’ve got to be in for the x nights of the week I’ve ordered the food for. If you’re in consistently then fair enough.

Mate of mine’s got great use out of it though. He used to do all the cooking for him and his girlfriend but he got a job where he’s stuck in the office loads. His girlfriend was one of those people for whom cooking was very intimidating and she never bothered. Got them a subscription to one of these and now she’s confident enough to make meals from scratch and that. Fair play.

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obviously it’s much cheaper to buy the stuff yourself and not *that much* hassle to buy all the shit individually. but the thing is would you? if you get this shit delivered, then that’s what you’ll end up having. if you go to the shop to buy the ingredients you’ll probably just think fuck it and come out with a pizza. or i would anyway.

saying that, i’ve never tried this kind of thing and probably won’t.

I started this recently. Normally give door to door salesmen the elbow, but this bloke was hilarious. First two boxes, 2x 2 meals, £4.99. So 8 meals for £10. First box was delicious. Next box is coming Saturday. Will be occasional after that at £20.