I'm watching Emma Bunton's Perfect Christmas Top 20 on MTV Xmas

Mary’s Boy Child is on right now

Edited as I remembered Johnny Mathis sang When a Child is Born not Mary’s Boy Child, so my comment made no sense

Edit 2: Sorry for ruining the thread immediately

Good humming in both tbh

Is it making you feel Christmassy

Its a bit weird. She’s pretending to give gifts to celebrity friends and it cut to David Guetta holding lego going ‘thanks very much’ and now she has just said ‘time to see your Christmas pictures’, thinking it would be kids drawing or something, not.


Is it perfect so far? or will perfection only be reached when you have the whole top 20?

Robbie, Jona Lewie and Macca have been on so its certainly getting there

Macca soils it as he does.

The Waitresses and Rob Halford had better turn up otherwise it’ll never get there

Used to think you were alright

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I stayed away from Robbie!

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No Wizzard or Elton John. Whitney’s I Will Always Love You snick in though

How the f is that a Xmas song

Snow in the video

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Ive now seen it TWICE on xmas song shows oddly

The perfect Christmas top 20 must feature Mike Oldfield somewhere. Hope Emma hasn’t forgotten him.

Shout out to his family.