I'm wearing a pair of pants that are 5 years old

What’s your oldest piece of clothing that’s in regular / semi-regular usage?

Duffel coat, 15.5 years old. don’t at me.

Most of my current selection of t-shirts predate 2011. I went through a period of buying loads, and then stopped having any money, and now I’m of a size where buying t-shirts is a horrible crapshoot. Will this fit nicely, or just draw all attention to my hideous moobs?

There needs to be an ISO for t-shirt sizes. MAKE MEDIUMS MEDIUM AGAIN.

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Full length winter coat is 21 years old. Recently charity shopped a jumper that I had at university which would have been…23 years old.

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I thought I had made this thread before but I hadn’t. Please feel free to browse this though:

I reckon I have knickers in my drawers that are as old as some people on this forum.


Paint in a Conor Oberst and the mystic Valley band shirt that I got at a gig in 2008

I redrafted this many times to make it look the least ruide possible, but there really isn’t a way.

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Urgh, that tour.

Yeah he was coked out of his fucking head wasn’t he. Breezy as the encore was still pretty remarkable mind, I was a 16 year old massive bright eyes fan so was going to go nuts for it anyways

The one I’m thinking of (London show was at the Electric Ballroom) they managed to string a great 45 minute album into a 90 minute set, with every band member singing a cover.


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That’s right. The solo album + 5 or 6 bright eyes tracks could have been a :ok_hand: set too. Especially given how little flab was on his discography at the time (was it before or after cassadega?)

I imagine a lot of my pants are over 5 years old tbh

With the exception of some running kit, and some grundies gifted to me at various christmases, pretty much all my clothes are at least 10 years old, some are 20.

Kept my son’s first pair of trainers, aw :heart_eyes:

(Obviously not in regular use for over 13 years)


My pants feel a bit uncomfortable today in a way I’m not very familiar with. I’ve just checked and they are back to front.


Pants passed from generation to generation along the male line of Ronys, now I know u lot will get upset and call me a tory about inheritance and the advantages it give a lad to have a well worn in pair of pants but I don’t care.


dunno how old my ghostbusters hoodie is, but there’s a picture of me wearing it at one of the first zoninos, so…

Got a corduroy parka I got for my 18th birthday and is still in heavy use (I’m 34)

My nephew is 1 and he wears the jeans that I used to wear when I was one and my sister used to wear when she was one. I’ll get him signed up to the forum if that helps the thread.