I'm wearing a pair of pants that are 5 years old

" Five long years, he wore these pants - up his ass - then when he died of dysentery, he gave me the pants. And now, little man, I give the pants to you…"

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Currently wearing a Hope of the States t-shirt from 2004. It is the most comfortable thing I own by miles, having that rare level of being worn in and also being two sizes too big. Wish I had more t-shirts like this, but I will be waiting a long time to get any to this level having only just last year started working on a replacement :frowning:

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One year after Cassadega - saw them in Birmingham and wasn’t as Columbian-snowblind.

To answer the question in the OP - I have many pairs of pants that have lasted well over a decade and an Efterklang tee that is nearly 10. The latter is starting to fall apart a bit though :frowning:

My swimming costume is 16 years old. Last week i noticed the entire boob area was threadbare but have no idea how long I’d been flashing people before spotting this.


Oh good shout. My daughter has some of my tshirts that my mum bought when she was pregnant in 82.

I’ve still got tee shirts from the mid nineties that are in regular use. A few must date back to 91/92.

I’ve got a blur singles tour t-shit that’s 20 years old in December that still gets worn around the house on occasion.



have an elliott smith t-shirt that’s almost completely faded that must be about 15 years old now



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Loads of stuff that’s really old, probably.

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My red dms are from 2005

Yes I still wear red dms.