I'm wide awake, it's Saturday morning

Morning all :wave:

After having spent 13 hours painting our kitchen yesterday, my brain did the sensible thing and woke me up at 5.30am! Well, my brain with help from bright sunlight and birds.

Anyway, it’s Saturday :partying_face: what are you up to today? I’m going to see actual people later - a friend of ours is going to cook for us and so we’re going round to sit in her garden and catch up with some friends I’ve not seen for ages :slight_smile:

This morning, though, I think we’re going to go on a walk along the coast and have a picnic lunch. My arms feel like spaghetti but my legs feel alright :muscle:

Anyway - happy Saturday!




Fed the cat :white_check_mark:
Coffee :white_check_mark:
Coming up:
Change the bedsheets
Nip to the shops
Beer festival/football

10/10 imo



Had a few last night and it’s been really warm so I’ve woken up feeling like a Saturday morning in a tent at a festival :face_with_head_bandage:

BUT that gives me some time to clean the house while my girlfriend sleeps and before our guests (who will 100% be early) turn up for lunch.

Lunch > walk > pub and the circle is complete


Morning! Also wide awake despite apparently V and his mate being loud/awake until early hours, I slept through it all…

Friend who I haven’t seen for ages us coming round for garden chat later so v excited for that.


Breakfast, long walk, gym, meeting friends to watch footy, off to me mams for dinner. Busy day

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Today is a long walk on the Downs with a very old and good friend, stopping off for beers along the way. Been looking forward to this for ages, the last two we did were real highlights in between lockdowns last year. Hopefully it gets a bit less cloudy, but tbh it’ll be grand either way.

First though: playing with the cat, who has just hunted down a spider.


Off to work soon. Didn’t relearn the route last night so going to have to panic read it on the walk to town as many times as possible. Why have I done this to myself?


Current earworm:

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Second morning in a row I’ve woken up sweaty, not sure if it’s jab related or just cos it’s a bit muggy

Having a coffee in bed, might read my book for a bit

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all!

I’m up with The Child watching Secret Life of Pets 2 before gymnastics.

She’s going out on a play date this afternoon so I’ll probably play some computer games.

I think I’m making some kind of roasted chickpea salad for tea.

Jab day! I hope they have biscuits.


I’m awake
Its morning

No plans

Slept terribly, woke up early to feed the baby, playing ‘Fallout 76’ now.


I didn’t get to sleep until 4am so I’ve had about 5 hours’ sleep :zzz: :tired_face:

It’s Record Store Day but my nearest participating store is a 40 minute drive away and I cba.

I might go for a swim.

Revenge bairn is having a grumpy morning while og bairn is watching his tablet. Hoping to get a run when the wife wakes.


Little bit hungover today after a trip to the pub last night. It seems to be abating though. It’s record store day today and I’m not in a queue, which is the first time that’s happened in years. Doesn’t feel right just yet though. I’ll stop by somewhere later


Good morning ccb and etc.

I’m going to go jump in the Irish sea with two mates in a bit. I expect it will be cold.


Didn’t sleep much, feeling pretty shitty in general, coincidentally it’s my birthday.

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Happy birthday :birthday::partying_face::tada: