I'm worried about Joel Golby




Quite an enjoyable read. Doesn’t really connect with my life thankfully but that comes from growing up in zone 2 London.


The man appears to be having a breakdown. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with his London Rental Opportunity series, but they’re getting increasingly desperate and nihilistic.


No I don’t make a point of reading Vice I just see his stuff crop up sometimes. Surviving London is tough, though.


I don’t know why I keep reading Vice. Nine times out of ten I’m rendered utterly miserable. But it’s likely that 10th time that has me coming back - the times when they cover stuff that I don’t think anyone else is - like this piece on the hunt for gay ghosts:



I thought he split up with the person he was in a VICE POWER COUPLE with and moved to America so possibly is going mad.


i only know of him through people i know who follow him on twitter etc. but his gf is like a teenage beauty queen? surely that makes them a social media power couple.


Yeah I don’t know much about him either other than he was going out with that Australian lass who also writes for Vice. She could’ve been a teenage beauty queen herself in fairness.


This piece was, and still is, astonishing


@geoff, @penoid, thanks for sharing, these have been bookmarked.

This is now the “sharing actually-good Vice articles” thread.


While we’re here I feel this is as good a place as any to register my belief that Buzzfeed’s politics coverage is really, really good. Not sure if this is a universally-held view.


can’t wait until he sees this thread and we have our first catlin moran/alexa chung moment of new DiS


I wasn’t meaning to knock Vice btw, I just don’t read anything particularly as a matter of course.


I have no objection to anyone ever knocking Vice. My reading it every day is a form of masochism. Only rarely does it deliver.

@penoid - what exactly are you referring to? Did Catlin and Alexa post in the old boards?


Don’t think Alexander Ching was ever verified was it?

DailyBumbler got Morgan confused with Burchill and claim Morgan had abandoned her kids. She signed up to put him straight them fucked off again.


Fascinating. I’d love it if Mr. Golby started posting here. I wonder how he’d rank the Radiohead albums etc.


I think he uses to write for DiS but maybe I’m going mad


Used not uses


I really enjoyed the London Rental Opportunity series but yes, it seems to be running out of steam a bit. Either that or I’m starting to be brainwashed by LONDON PRICES (thought the Cheam shed was quite nice).